Managed IT Services ( Server, Network & Infrastructure Support)

Server Support & Upgrades
Without periodic security updates servers and client workstations are on optimum risk. We assure that all the servers and clients security updates are as per the latest releases from Microsoft and properly tested and verified for your environment.

Firewall & Network Security
Network without firewall is like a locker with lots of valuable items without key.

Medline team is expert in designing firewall, UTM, Proxy solution and with configuration based on  best industry practices. We suggest you that best and cost benefit solution which can protect your network from unauthorized access  Our Network specialists is having years of experience in high-security fields such as Medical Healthcare, Media, Finance etc

Server & Network Maintenance
Client without server is like man without hands.

We protect your critical servers from crashing and suggest you high availability options through virtualization and options to make your virtual server environment available for maximum uptime. We provide continuous health and status monitoring as well as an advanced ticketing system to ensure lightning-fast response time, should you have an issue.

Data Encryption Solutions

Data protection is one the biggest pain for any organization specially in a case when everyone is allowed to take laptop, use pen drive and external hardware to save your data. We provide you the suggestion by which organizations protect their critical data from leakage.

VPN & Remote Access
We advise our clients against sharing critical network resources on Dropbox or other unsecured services. The better way to share files with employees on the go is to have us set up and maintain fast, secure and reliable access for your team. With VPN and remote access, you can boost efficiency without sacrificing data security.

Wi-Fi & Network Security
Traditional way of managing network through Ethernet card and long cables in no more in trend so we can help you for choosing the right solution for WIFI which is secure, trusted and Medline will configure your WIFI devices so that you can relax and concentrate on your business productivity.