Medical Billing and Coding

Medline HS Medical billing and coding

Medline’s business purpose is to help U.S. healthcare providers to more efficiently manage their revenue cycle operations, which encompass patient registration, insurance and benefit verification, medical treatment documentation and coding, medical transcription, bill preparation and collections.
Our dedicated healthcare experts deliver around the clock quality service to individual physician offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals and billing companies. Our expertise is US Healthcare.

Hospitals and clinics allow us to deliver:

  • End-to-end solutions in the healthcare space
  • Complete billing and patient cycle management
  • Significantly reduced costs
  • An increase in efficiency and quality
  • Faster turn-around times

Is your Money Stuck in bad AR Management?

The worst factor that affects the productivity and sustainability of a medical practice to the maximum is bad AR management. This is a situation where the money you owe gets stuck because of inappropriate claim filing or unplanned follow-ups and any other that affects the cash-flow. This definitely is a serious threat to the overall efficiency and most importantly the sustainability of the practice as this could lead to liquidation. We at Medline understand that a medical administrative staff who is out and out into the medical field cannot insistently chase ARs, they are likely to pay no heed to the ageing ARs that consequently fades off resulting in bad debts. Get back the Treasure that is considered lost:

AR is considered to be “old” or “new” usually depending on its stretch of time. AR that is 60-120 days old is generally considered to be lost. With Medline to offer you its stupendous services medical practices can shed these worries. The denial management system and lost AR recovery system offered by Medline is sure to bring back your lost AR. We believe working on the rudiments of the process. We work on bringing down your claim rejection rate which simultaneously lessens your AR accumulation. We have track records helping many practices come out of this clumsy situation. One fact that mostly startles you is that we are capable of processing claims that are even more than one year old.

What Medline does to your Practice?

  •  Extraordinary AR management team.
  • Stupendous AR scrutiny and follow-up processes.
  • 95% of your claims will be set on within 60 working days.
  • 99% of your claims will be set on within 120 working days.
  • 24*7*365 days availability –working to your time zone.
  • The cause for AR accumulation is ruled out for ever.
  • Higher AR collection rate at incredibly low costs.
  • On-time reporting with analytic.

With Medline Healthcare’s Medical Billing Services, you can:

  • Reduce the average AR days to less than 45 days
  • Reduce the AR over 90 days to less than 10% of the total A
  • Increase the collection from the current level to a higher level

What we can do for you:

  • Quick cash flows

Your claims are processed and submitted within two business days. Our diligent follow-up with insurance companies ensures quicker revenue for your practice.

  • Increase your patient base

You have more time to give quality care to your patients and build your practice.

  • Save resources

We take care of all issues related to medical billing and free your staff to concentrate on other tasks.

  • Reduce cost by up to 40%

Medical billing outsourcing can help you lower the costs associated with additional employees and office infrastructure.

  • Reduce rejected claims

Our stringent quality checks ensure an accuracy level of over 98% in processing the claims.

  • Knowledge Retention

The business and process knowledge of your practice remains with us even if your staff leaves the practice, with the claims being processed on time, your cash flow remains unaffected.

Services Offered:

  1. Appointment Scheduling
  2. Eligibility Verification
  3. Benefit Verification
  4. Medical Transcription
  5. Medical Coding
  6. Charge/Demographic Capture
  7. Billing and Rejections
  8. Scanning and Indexing
  9. Payment Posting
  10. Credit Balance Refunds
  11. AR Follow Up and collections
  12. Denial management
  13. Appeal management
  14. Patient Collections
  15. Customer Service
  16. Reporting and Analytic
  17. Ambulatory and Emergency

Medical Billing Process Flow


Medline HS Medical Coding

The coding process includes the following steps:

Hospitals LIS/ EMR system or Patient documents / files / reports that are electronically scanned at our client’s office are seamlessly and securely accessed by Medline’s coding team using our 3-DES encrypted VPN’s connections.

Our teams verify and validate the documents, split them into batches and review them for completeness, quality and readability.

Diagnosis, Procedure Codes and modifiers are assigned as per client descriptions and guidelines. Modification of certain codes may be made as per carrier requirement (e.g. certain insurance carriers require ASA code).

Our diligent quality control teams audit the dictation and process it further for charge entry and cash posting.

We use the following industry coding standards:

  • Diagnosis Codes (ICD: International Classification of Disease)
  • Procedure Codes (CPT: Current Procedural Terminology)
  • Coding for Inpatient Services (ICD)
  • Drug Codes (NDC: National Drug Codes)
  • Dental Procedure Codes (CDT: Current Dental Terminology)
  • Other Procedure Codes (HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)

Key highlights of our Coding Centre of Excellence are:

  • Medline’s AAPC certified coding team is proficient with CPT, ICD, HCPCS level II and DRG codes across various specialties.
  • Coding in accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local coverage decision and medical policies) as per set rules for different states across US
  • Trained and Monitored by PMCC certified Trainers
  • The coders complete a comprehensive training program and are involved in continuing education programs.
  • Quality and Compliance are continually monitored via a Corporate Quality Assurance Program and a Corporate Compliance Program.
  • Minimum accuracy deliverables of over 95% and above on both CPT and ICD.
  • Medline provides 24 to 48 hour turn-around of all completed source documents.
  • Assurance in maintaining coding policies and procedures, appropriate and accurate managed contract advice and reports

Medline’s coding team, led by physicians, ensures that continuous updates are sent to our clients to keep up with minimum documentation and to allow our team to bill for maximum accurate reimbursements for services rendered by them.

We provide regular feedback to our clients on changes in code selections affecting reimbursements and front-office documentation practices to be followed as per CMS guidelines for appropriate reimbursements to physicians as well as insights into coding related denial analysis. Our expertise in E/M Evaluation & Management Services have driven clients across US to use our services for physician education and audits on coding done by other billing companies and/ or physicians themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Why would they use Medline for the same service they are already providing?

A-In addition to our low rates & Quality services, you have our staff ¬ that comprised of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry, you can expect less errors, less paper work and less stress when you choose Medline Health Services. We handle all the details for you, leaving you more time to focus on your patients and your practice.

Q- Why should I file electronically?

A- Electronic filing is definitely the way to go for a variety of reasons: It helps reduce human error as about 25% of all paper claims are delayed due to some sort of error, while electronic lings only have a rejection or error rate of about 2%; there’s a much faster return with electronic claims as they are considered priority and paid between 7-10 days; electronic claims save you an average of $7/claim to file; and processors need not re-key your claim into their system, which reduces adjudication errors.

Q- Are you compliant with HIPAA?

A- Yes. We are fully compliant with all of the HIPAA requirements and standards. Plus, we are knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the frequent changes to the rules and regulations.

Q- How long is the set-up process?

A- Once the contract is signed, the process generally takes 3-7 days. After reviewing your needs, we can provide a more accurate timeline.

Q- What if a patient has a billing question?

A-We do not handle patient services as off now but planning to have that very soon.

Q-What happens with unpaid claims?

A- We follow up on every claim until the complete payment has been received. We send out as many statements as necessary to ensure that the payment is complete.

Q- What if a doctor needs to access a patient’s record?

A- To free up office space, we provide a cost-e¬ffective and secure Internet-based system that will allow you to now chart, code and share information with other providers and lab systems without the use of a phone fax in addition to running patient ledgers and other reports.

Q- How often are claims billed?

A- Usually within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.

Q- Can I check my billing balance?

A- Yes. You can do so online 24/7 through a secure login.

Q-Is the Kareo system your proprietary system? Can it only be used with Medline exclusively?

A-No, Kareo is a third party software which we will use for the entire billing process.

Q-Do you have clients that have tested this system? What has been the feed back?

A-Entire list of client that have work on the Kareo & their feedback can be found on the below link.

“A very promising tool with capability to deliver”

Q-Can a client purchase subsets of your services or will they be required to purchase the whole suite of services?

A-It’s actually depends on client requirement, we can provide services based on subset wherein we can do only billing OR AR follow-up as per requirements.

Q-Can you do this at a lower cost?

A-We can assure you best services at a very promising & competitive cost available in market.

Q- What specialties do you support?

A- We support all specialties.

Q- How Do I Know Your Employees Are Qualified?

A- All of our medical billers have at least 5 years of medical billing experience with a variety of medical specialties and possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.



HIPAA Compliance (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and the term is also frequently used to mean the many regulations, which have been published since 1996 under that law. The HIPAA regulations, including the much-publicized Patient Privacy and Security regulations, are the latest in a long series of government efforts to regulate the healthcare industry.

HIPAA insists that any organization that stores or transmits patient information must take enterprise-wide steps to adhere to HIPAA’s sweeping privacy, security and transactions standards. Essentially, HIPAA requires healthcare entities to ensure that they protect personal health information and the privacy rights of patients.

We are HIPAA Compliant!!

Under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule, Medline falls under the extension of Business Associate. A Business Associate (BA) is any person(s) or entity, which performs a function or activity on behalf of a Covered Entity (CE) and involves the use or disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).

We, at Medline are very serious about compliances. We have undertaken various steps and designed our process to ensure the same. Our entire network is very secure. All clients’ office records are kept behind a secure firewall and all electronic claims are securely encrypted for transmission. Your privacy and security are given the highest priority at Medline India.

Medline ensures that all the changes and updates made by HIPAA are properly and correctly communicated amongst the team to ensure highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Medline Health Revenue Cycle Management system is compliant with Medicare, HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Our stringent adherence to PHI and confidentiality affords you the ability to meet regulatory requirements.

An employee who violates the privacy policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

We are fully compliant with all of the HIPAA requirements and standards. Plus, we are knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the frequent changes to the rules and regulations.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services ( Server, Network & Infrastructure Support)

Server Support & Upgrades
Without periodic security updates servers and client workstations are on optimum risk. We assure that all the servers and clients security updates are as per the latest releases from Microsoft and properly tested and verified for your environment.

Firewall & Network Security
Network without firewall is like a locker with lots of valuable items without key.

Medline team is expert in designing firewall, UTM, Proxy solution and with configuration based on  best industry practices. We suggest you that best and cost benefit solution which can protect your network from unauthorized access  Our Network specialists is having years of experience in high-security fields such as Medical Healthcare, Media, Finance etc

Server & Network Maintenance
Client without server is like man without hands.

We protect your critical servers from crashing and suggest you high availability options through virtualization and options to make your virtual server environment available for maximum uptime. We provide continuous health and status monitoring as well as an advanced ticketing system to ensure lightning-fast response time, should you have an issue.

Data Encryption Solutions

Data protection is one the biggest pain for any organization specially in a case when everyone is allowed to take laptop, use pen drive and external hardware to save your data. We provide you the suggestion by which organizations protect their critical data from leakage.

VPN & Remote Access
We advise our clients against sharing critical network resources on Dropbox or other unsecured services. The better way to share files with employees on the go is to have us set up and maintain fast, secure and reliable access for your team. With VPN and remote access, you can boost efficiency without sacrificing data security.

Wi-Fi & Network Security
Traditional way of managing network through Ethernet card and long cables in no more in trend so we can help you for choosing the right solution for WIFI which is secure, trusted and Medline will configure your WIFI devices so that you can relax and concentrate on your business productivity.